Sometimes, We Rock

Irish Pagan Group Tells American Homophobes (and racists) to “Fuck Off”



5 thoughts on “Sometimes, We Rock

    • Sadly, sometimes the Germanic and Nordic traditions of Neo-Paganism get co-opted by white supremacists/neo-nazis/holocaust deniers and similar sickening ilk of….waste of human DNA. “White gods for white people.”

      This is the “What Are Our Values” page of an “Odinist” website. It’s disgusting: (Yes, lot of Germans died in WWII, so did a lot of Russians, French, Austrians, Poles, Czechs, British, Belgian, Greeks, Indians, Australians, New Zealanders, Americans and JEWISH PEOPLE! as well as Gypsies, Communists, Catholics, Homosexuals, Slavs, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc. in a war the Nazis started. Boo-fucking-hoo for the Nazis.)

      And most neo-pagans (even in the Germanic and Nordic traditions, who tend drink a lot and have a lot of loud, boisterous fun) do *not* believe as these a-holes do. Actually, Neo-Pagan traditions tend to attract members of the LGBT community because the Abrahamic religions have their sexual hang-ups and the patriarchal philosophical structure doesn’t allow a full expression of the dual male/female nature of humanity. The Unitarian Universalists also get a lot of that community for the same reason.

      Though sadly, we have had some incidents. One Dianic Priestess, I forget her name, is the man-hating kind and she extends that to Transwomen who she considers to be “men trying to infiltrate us from within.” Bigoted whackjob. Several years ago at a national pagan council/convention, she kicked transwomen out of a women’s ritual she presided over. But she was universally condemned for it by the neo-pagan community. A ritual was held inviting and including all members of the LGBT community in attendance right outside the hall she was having her ritual in. Giving the middle finger of love and inclusion to her bigotry and exclusion. And then the internet neo-pagan community ripped her to shreds. How can we be bigoted when we ourselves have faced, and still face to a lesser degree, bigotry?

      Racially, how can we be racist when so many Gods and Goddess are Egyptian, African, Mayan, Incan, Aztec, AmerIndian, etc.? I mean seriously, how stupidly hypocritical would that be?

      Antisemitic? Some people come out of the Abrahamic religions with issues against the patriarchal nature of it, or because of their restrictive social mores, but attitudes like what is on that webpage are rare. Most view the Jews as having been through the same discrimination and murderous bigotry that pagans did. The stamping out of Paganism by Christianity = the medieval segregation and massacres of Jewish people. The Burning times = the Holocaust. That is the general attitude in the community. As a historian I can be pedantic about the comparison, but for the most part, the Neo-Pagan community sees the Jewish community as brothers/sisters in suffering for their faith.

      As for this couple, they have probably spent so long in their echo-chamber of white supremacy, they probably figured Irish = White ergo some neo-pagan sect in Ireland would believe the same things they did. Forgetting, of course, that even in their ancient legends, Ireland was invaded by several different groups and that continued into their recorded history. And having been oppressed in their own land, they are probably sympathetic to the Jews rather than the reverse. Plus their big cities are as cosmopolitan as any in Europe. So no, they are not racist, homophobic or anti-Semitic.

  1. That’s the naughty finger, the one that gets up to all the mischief 😉
    Read half way down ‘What-are-Values’ (do you suppose they meant ‘what are our values’?) and then retreated, defeated by the arrogant inanity of it all. Interesting how they manage to call things ‘History’ and ‘Truth’ when they are plainly neither.
    Been having a little ‘anti-Semitic’ nonsense here at the moment, how politicians love sound bites, they are so stupid sometimes. It still amazes me that some people get to the positions of trust that they do.

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