Jimmy Carter: The U.S. is “an Oligarchy with Unlimited Political Bribery”


The Supreme Court case the host is referring to is this one:

SCOTUS May Overturn McDonnall Conviction

“The Supreme Court seems poised to overturn the conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnall on political corruption charges.”

“Chief Justice John Roberts said it was “extraordinary” that dozens of former White House attorneys from Democratic and Republican administrations submitted legal papers saying that upholding McDonnell’s conviction would cripple the ability of elected officials to do their jobs.”

Get that? “If you stop us from being bribed, we can’t do our jobs!” That’s both Republicans and Democrats. Can you believe it? Can you believe that corruption in this country has become so blatant that any elected official would make, not side comment when they thought the mike was off, but an official position paper to the Supreme Court of the United States demanding the “right” to be bribed.

And SCOTUS is already inclined that way.

We have legalized corruption so much it would make Richard Nixon stretch his eyes.

All the shenanigans around voting rolls and polling places and such across multiple states  is proof that voters are losing what little power remains to them.






New York  (A voter purge and polling places opening late.)

Arizona (And this is on top of the greatly reduced polling places in minority-heavy counties)


And I can tell you that people in California have also found they have been purged from the rolls. A couple weeks ago a friend of mine in Culver City, who has lived at the same address for 16 years as a registered Democrat and voted in every election in that time (he used to work for the city, so he keeps his eye on all elections down to the municipal level), checked his registration status and found he had been dropped from the rolls.

Is Hillary Clinton going to fight to end the oligarchy and return the government to the hands of the people?

No, she’s not. (And mind you, those are just the campaign contributions. Not the speech money.) She is way too invested in the system.

Only one candidate will.


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