Damnit Young Lady! Where the Hell Have You Been?

Well, first I was volunteering for Bernie Sanders because he is an actual liberal who represented me and all the people on the true Left, all the actual progressives, who have spent the last 26 years voting for the lesser of two evils.

We all saw how that went.

Being in North Carolina, the swingiest of the swing states, I could not risk a “protest vote.” I swallowed my bile and voted for the neo-liberal and let’s face it, Republican manufactured “scandals” aside, she is corrupt just like the entire system is corrupt, but at least she was experienced and sane, Clinton.

We all saw how that went.

So my commentary on the few months is:




The Clinton Camp is going through the same grieving process the Sanders camp went through four months ago. Last I checked they were in the “denial” stage: Everything was all Bernie Sanders’ fault. Never mind *he* was not the one running against a sexist, racist, bigoted, arrogantly ignorant, narcissistic baboon who had difficulty with words over two syllables, and yet could not inspire people enough to win.

I mean, Trump is a sick joke. If your candidate can’t win against a sick joke, you picked the wrong candidate.

(You know all those pictures of Trump NYC Penthouse, am I the only one who ever noticed there is not a single bookcase in *any* of those pictures? Am I the only person horrified by that?)

Not that isn’t *plenty* to be horrified by.

On the upside I have been extremely pleased by my University’s response to this election and the administrations’ re-affirmation that this is a safe campus for all. I wear a safety pin, not because I’m trying to show off…well, whatever it is people accuse us of showing off, but because we have students who may need to be assured that staff members here provide a safe space.

On the downside, we’re *still* waiting for the result of our gubernatorial election. Given that McCrory not only sponsored and passed that heinous “Bathroom Bill….”

Which, BTW, the bathroom part of just the dog whistle. The real insidious nature of it is in Parts, which allows businesses to discriminate against the LGBTQ community, and Part 3, which refuses people the right to file an employment discrimination lawsuit in court.

…O.K, so not only did this epic douchebag pass this bill, he has earmarked $500 million from the state’s disaster relief fund to fight for this piece of legislative obscenity….

I mean, gee, who could have ever predicted that a state with a low lying coast and eastern floodplains that was regularly hit with hurricanes could *ever* be in need of disaster assistance?

You asshole.

I’m *really* hoping Cooper, our State Attorney General who actually knew the Constitution enough to not waste his time and our tax dollars fighting for the Same Sex Marriage ban or HB2, wins.

Otherwise, I won’t think my vocal chords can take it.

P.S. Why is it all the people so concerned with “draining the swamp” of corrupt Washington D.C. did not do so on their own? They could have by voting everyone out of the 460+ seats up for re-election in Congress…but they didn’t. And now they’re finding out that Trump’s version of “draining the swamp” is replacing the alligators with crocodiles.


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