So how was Hurricane Matthew for me? Not a problem. I moved to NC a few years after Floyd has flooded Eastern NC, so when I picked place to live, I looked at where the floodplains were and did not move there.

However, walking the dogs was put on hold for a while as the nature reserve where I walk them flooded to about 7 feet above the trail. (I’ll add pictures of the flood water line this weekend.)


The entrance to the nature reserve two days after Matthew. The yellow bar? That’s at arm-pit height for me. (5’7″). The flood would peak the next day.

The people in the back of my neighborhood, up against the reserve, were sweating it because the water was coming up to their back fences. Fortunately, it did not go in.


Up against the backyards of the bottom most street n the neighborhood.


Many families, especially those in the farmlands, were not so lucky.

Usually NC can weather the Category 1 or 2 hurricanes we get readily. But in 1999, Hurricane Dennis had rolled through a week prior to Floyd, saturating the ground. The water had nowhere to go, so there were massive floods.

The same thing happened with Matthew, only it wasn’t another prior hurricane. For two weeks leading up to Mathew, we had nightly rains. The result was the same: The ground was completely saturated. When Mathew hit, there were massive floods. The flood water peaked about three days after Matthew rolled through as water progressively built up along the rivers.

Collection efforts to help those in need were impressive. Every group I knew, and some I had never heard of, ran drives to collect food, toiletries, clothing, bedding, etc. But there are still hundreds of families without homes.

So much of Eastern NC is low lying farmlands, it’s hard to find a home that is not in one. I hope these people can find homes soon.


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