Calling VG Femme-Geeks of All Ages

Girsl Make Games

More information on their classes to help newbie young women/women game designers on their website:

Girls Make Games

And please pass this around and send to your favorite femme-gamer who has been thinking about designing her own game.



I have been sick as the proverbial dog (my real dogs have been quite healthy) that last three days, hence the lack of activity here. I spent much of that time sleeping, power watching episodes of House and reading David Bates’ William the Conqueror and started Jason Hough’s The Exodus Towers.

I just put up a review for Bates’ book in Goodreads. Exodus Towers is the second book in Hough’s Dire Earth Cycle trilogy. I finished the first book, The Darwin Elevator, in January and I copied my review from B&N onto Goodreads last night. You can see both of them in the sidebar.

While it was on, I had watched into season/series five of House. I loved it, but I stopped watching after Kutner (my favorite of the new team members) was removed from the show by an unexplained suicide. I understand the actor had to leave the production, but while the characters around Kutner may not have noticed his emotional state, some clue should have been given to the audience. Otherwise, they should have handled the character’s departure in some other manner. This time I watched into season/series seven, but it really started to go off the rails. The cases became boring and too much attention was focused on the characters’ personal relationships so that the show danced close to being a slightly darker, certainly funnier, version of Grey’s Anatomy. The show went on a season too long, possibly two. But before that, it was one of the best TV shows ever produced.

But damn, Dr. Greg House was some fine geek beefcake!


He and Gil Grissom:


Best Thinking-Woman’s Crumpets for the 2000’s. Interestingly, both characters have underpinnings (House is a flat-out homage) in the basis of current Top Thinking-Woman’s Crumpet:


Brainy isn’t the new sexy, it’s just one society at large as recently discovered. Feme-geeks have been panting after smart guys since Spock.

Back in 2005 I got a last minute opportunity to see Huge Laurie interviewed in an open question and answer session at SAG offices. It was one of those word of mouth things I heard the night before and ran down there the next morning. It was a small event, around 100 people, and people submitted questions beforehand that a moderator picked from. They were filming series/season two and the TV show was just starting to build it’s fanbase, so annoyingly many of the questions were about Fry and Laurie and Jeeves and Wooster.

But Laurie was utterly charming. He was a gentleman in the best sense of the word: He was a gentle man, nothing like his alter ego at the time. Every question he addressed the person who submitted it. His humor was gently wry and self effacing. He made us all feel like were were sitting in his living room. Just a wonderful experience based solely on his wonderful personality.

Were he not married, I would have such a crush.