Things That Make You Go “Hrmm”…and Then Make You Feel Stabby

Everyone has been following the tragedy unfolding in northern Iraq and the groups violently persecuted by ISIS.

There is a large segment of a certain political ideology in the U.S. who blames Obama for “losing Iraq” and wants to ride in there, guns ablazing, to occupy the country, again, for as long as necessary. In short, forever. They want to spend trillions more dollars we don’t have and create tens of thousands more veterans we can’t care for properly to occupy a nation that asked us to leave.

Because Western nation building has always been so effective there.

And the colloquial definition of insanity is?

Yet in conservatives’ zeal to “help,” they have not suggested rescuing the Iraqi religious minorities and bringing them to American shores to live their lives in peace.

That would be because those conservatives are the same group as these people. The people who cast the Latino children at our borders as “illegal immigrants,” rather than what they really were: refugees. Conservatives who were frothing at the mouth to throw them back to the countries they were running for their lives from.

Five to ten of the 42 children deported back to Honduras have been killed. Yet no one on the Right cares. At all.

In short, the conservative Right is a pack of hypocritical, xenophobic fuckwits who do not actually care about helping anyone. They just want to kill more brown people.


So to the rest of the U.S. government has hopefully has a modicum of compassion left amoung them, about enacting a solution that matters, that will actually help people rather than just raising the level of violence and anti-America hatred in the region. Why don’t we rescue these people and bring them here? At least let us get them out and then bomb the shit out of ISIS.

Let’s not replay our actions in WWII when we refused entry to thousands of Jews fleeing the Holocaust. Let’s actually help the Iraqi people. And the Latinos refugees who are fleeing equal violence.

But no more boots on the ground. We’ve lost enough in the Iraqi quagmire. The only way that place is going to settle itself is when the Iraqi people decide “enough is enough.”


Skewering Assholes

Recently the Right has been heaping blame on President Obama for the current crisis in Iraq, conveniently forgetting that Obama followed the Status of Forces Agreement Bush signed with the Iraqi government in 2008. They seem to think that Obama should have kept the military there against the will of the Iraqi democratically elected government that we went there to put in place.

At least someone is calling them on the carpet for being chickenhawks.

Of course, it’s a miracle she was booked to begin with.

Liberal media my ass.