Fake Christians Go At It Again

Everyone has seen the recent news that broke that Josh Duggar, one of the famous Duggars of the scary “Quiverfull” Evangelical Christian movement/cult and stars of the 19 and Counting reality TV show on The Learning Channel, had molested his sisters when he was 14 and the youngest was five.

The entire sordid story, including the police report, can be found here in In Touch magazine. With the police report you have to scan though some pages of personal details of everyone involved in the case until you get to the accounts by the victims and witnesses. Another interesting factoid mentioned in the article, the police officer and friend of the family that came to the Duggars house and gave Josh a “stern talking to” (rather than arresting him) was later himself arrested, convicted and is serving 50 odd-years for kiddie porn.

Things that make you go “Hrrmmm.”

Now that fact that the Duggars allowed this to happen to their girls is appalling. And I note no one is talking about if they got the treatment/counseling they needed. (Though sadly, when they belong to a movement that treats women as brood sows subservient to their fathers, brothers and husbands, is it really that surprising?) That had the nerve to very publicly and hypocritically say and display their stand for “Christian Family Values” to their profit is more appalling.

Despite Patriarch Jim Bob himself saying that rape and incest should be punishable by death as part of his political platform.

But what has been completely disgusting is the loud and large reaction from the right-wing conservative Evangelical Christian community who has demanded that the reality TV shows stars be “left alone.” “God has forgiven his sins, it is not for you to judge,” “He only 14, a child himself, he didn’t know any better,” “We’ve all made mistakes,” “It sounds like they were just ‘playing doctor’,” etc. etc. etc., often each weirder and more desperate than the next. They have excused, rationalized and gotten very angry with people who have shown disgust over Josh and the family’s behavior.

So I guess molesting little girls are “Conservative/Fundamentalist Christian Family Values.”

The capper of hypocrisy came yesterday in this blog post by Michael Seewald.

It is the same collection of rationalizations and “God has forgiven him” and “it is not up to us to judge” we’ve been reading and hearing over the last couple days, with this sickening addition:

“It is a mercy of God that he restrains the evil of mankind otherwise we would have destroyed ourselves long ago. Many times it is simply lack of opportunity or fear of consequences that keep us from falling into grievous sin even though our fallen hearts would love to indulge the flesh.”

I put a response in the comments on his blog, but is sincerely doubt he will allow it to be published. Just too embarrassing to have some bare facts laid out. So here is my response to him and all those defending the Duggars with their claims of “Christian Grace.”

As a non-Christian, I have never had the urge to sexually molest a five year old. Most Christians I have known would never have the urge to do so. Most human beings do not have the urge to do so.

Which makes me wonder what is wrong with your branch of Christianity that you think this is a normal human urge?

Most 14 year old boys are stealing their Dad’s Playboy magazines to look at *women.* They are not looking at small children sexually. That is highly abnormal behavior, no matter what NAAMBLA or you have to say about it.

Josh Duggar was was 14 when this started. He was old enough to know he should not be touching his five and seven your old sisters’ genitals in their sleep or otherwise. If he did not know this was wrong, then there is something *very* wrong in the Duggar Household.

If you think this is some sort of normal human urge only stopped by your God, then you have issues that need to be addressed by a professional psychiatrist, as Josh Duggar’s family should have done with him and his victims 12 years ago rather than sending him off to help a family friend build houses for a couple months and then get a “stern talking to” by a police officer who was later arrested for kiddie porn.

BTW – You say you have the right to judge homosexuals based on God’s writing in Leviticus (and let’s be honest, you do judge them), well guess what Christ himself had to say about hurting children:

Matthew 18:6 – But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Luke 17:2 – It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin.

So Christ himself thought people who hurt children deserved to die.

So if you claim the Bible as your right to judge one group, others can claim the Bible, Christs’ own Word, to judge a hypocritical pedophile.


Obama’s “Imperial Presidency” and the War Powers Act/Resolution

Dear Right-wing Americans who bitched and whined about how Obama was an “spineless empty suit” who was letting ISIS take over the Middle East, who are now screaming that he is being “unConstitutional” for authorizing bombings in cooperation with NATO,

This is The War Powers Resolution.

He has 60 days to do what he has to get the ball rolling. This is exactly how Bush-the-Greater declared war on Saddam in Gulf War I.

Now sit down and STFU.

Sincerely (you hysterical morons),


P.S. You twats just had to go fulfill my expectations, didn’t you? Yes, you hate him. He can do no right, even when he does the exact same things Republican presidents have done in the past. We get it. Since we all know what you are going to say and do in response to anything Obama does, can’t you just set up a shrieking muppet on a continuous loop on a cable access channel? I mean, the effect would be exactly the same and you would have so much more energy to prepare for the coming apocalypse.

Your Experience is Not Everyone’s Experience

So the editorial that sent me sky-high at 7:00 am this morning is here.

Th entire thing was infuriating, particularly this passage:

“However, when the pro-choice community frames abortion as a difficult decision, it implies that women need help deciding, which opens the door to paternalistic and demeaning “informed consent” laws. It also stigmatizes abortion and the women who need it.

Often, abortion isn’t a difficult decision. In my case, it sure wasn’t.

When I was 18, my boyfriend, whom I was with for more than a year, frequently pressured me into having sex. At the time, I lacked the maturity and experience to exert more control over the situation. For more than 10 weeks, I progressed from obliviousness about my pregnancy to denial to wishful thinking: Maybe if I ignore that I missed two periods, that pesky little fact will go away.

Once I faced reality, though, having an abortion was an obvious decision, not a difficult one. The question wasn’t “Should I or shouldn’t I?” but “How quickly can I get this over with?”

This was in the mid-1980s, when abortion was about women having control not just over their bodies but over their destinies. An unwanted pregnancy would have derailed my future, making it difficult for me to finish college and have the independent, productive life that I’d envisioned.”

Let me tell you my experience.

I was in my late twenties and, having botched my life up, I was working secretarial temp jobs. (Which means I had no medical insurance and was living hand to mouth.) I got pregnant. I caught it within the first six weeks since I was not so stupid I ignored a missed menstruation. I was also throwing up. A lot. (I did not have morning sickness. I had morning, lunch, tea time, dinner and evening sickness.) My boyfriend at the time said he did not want it, but would “help out” if I decided to keep it.

Of course my first reaction was fear. I had never particularly wanted a child and it would change my entire life. The attempt I was making to get it back on track would be severely curtailed.

My second reaction was Wow, I have a little person growing inside me. How weird.

So I looked at my situation. I did not have a steady job that gave me health insurance or maternity leave. (The U.S. has by far and away the highest medical costs in the world, yet our healthcare isn’t even that great). Just having birth in a hospital averages $38,000 dollars now, and then it was still more than I made in a year even if I got constant temp work. And then there was prenatal care, and post natal care, and pediatricians and clothing, food, where was I going to find the money? I had to go back to work to at least keep a roof over our heads, but when I priced out childcare I found it cost at least as much as or more than as the rent of my crappy little studio, which I was already struggling to keep up with. I would have to become a welfare mother just to keep it until she/he was old enough to go to school. And then what would my employment prospects be when my resume read “retail, clerking, temp jobs for two years then nothing for five years?”

My parents told me straight up, “We are not helping raise that man’s child.” Why? Because my BF was a flake of the highest order that had repeatedly made me cry. He couldn’t even be counted on to keep a date, let alone be counted on to assist with a child. ( He was sexy and cool and impressive and in the end, he turned out he was a pathological liar, or damn near it. But because I was in LURVE, I ignored all the red flags around me that everyone else saw.)

I would not receive any assistance from that quarter, nor did I have a right to ask it. They already raised four kids. What right had I to ask them to help raise one they had no responsibility in making? Especially when my parents were themselves struggling.

Then there were my own personal issues. I had not been diagnosed bi-polar II yet, but I knew I was not emotionally stable. I looked at my depression and withdrawals, my outbursts of hysteria and rage. I also knew that being on birth control pills (which mimic the hormonal effect of pregnancy) turned me into a screaming bitch. (Effective birth control, but not much fun for anyone.) I also knew that Mom had gone through severe postpartum depression. I was not Mom material, and would very likely put this child through hell, and having grown up a household for which the term “dysfunctional” was woefully inadequate, I did not want to inflict on it what had been inflicted on me.

Adoption? Again, where was I going to get the money just to have the kid? And knowing my emotional issues, I didn’t know if I could go through something like that.

Yet here was this tiny person. A little unique “her” (I was convinced it was a “her”) that if I decided to terminate, I would never get to know. And I knew I might never have this chance again, never be pregnant again.

I did not find it an easy decision at all. It was my every waking thought as I struggled just to focus enough to get though my day over a week. I debated and cried and second guessed and agonized until I could not, in good conscience, push the envelope of time and development any further.

I had an abortion.

Do I still occasionally wonder who that person was? Yes.

Do I still think I made the best decision for both of us? Yes.

It is a decision I would not put my worst enemy through, but I am glad I could make it.

This op-ed piece paints women who get abortions as feckless children who walk into a clinic for an abortion every time they forgot to take their birth cnotrol pills or make their partner wear a condom. Or in the conservative view, had sex. But while that may have been the case for the writer, I can attest that it was not the case for most of the women who have faced this choice.

Instead of strengthening the public view of women, she disminishes us by protraying women as incapable to handling serious, potentially life-altering decisions with reason and maturity on our own.

This piece makes the conservative, pro-life argument for them, which I wonder if it was the writer’s purpose all along.

As for my boyfriend-at-the-time? He did not offer to help pay for the abortion or even accompany me when I did it.

The red flags suddenly became visible and I headed for the hills as my days of desiring “bad boys” were over.