Update on SD ComicCon Cosplayer

It looks like her injuries were the result of an accident.

So there’s that, but the attitude of the too many people saying she should have expected or deserved being groped and sexually assaulted is still extremely disturbing. It’s something our community must address.


Babylon Drive

Babylon cool

So, my funny Babylon 5 convention story:

AgamemCon was a small Babylon 5 convention held in Los Angeles while Babylon 5 was on the air in the 1990’s. Jason Carter (the brunette in the foreground) played Marcus Cole, the show’s resident hottie. Marcus was a bit boyish for my tastes, but Carter had great chemistry with his castmates and lovely comic delivery that made him very entertaining to watch.

ANYway, because it was held in Los Angeles, they got pretty much the entire cast at the convention. Because it was small, the actors could take time to have a conversation that the audience could actually hear during panels, they would take time to answer questions at photograph signings, and you would bump into them all over the place.

At the time I smoked (yes, evil me), so at one point during the afternoon I stepped outside for a cigarette. Well, turns out Jason Carter smoked too and he was holding court with the rest of the social pariahs of tobacco. He got going on a funny rant (not a full-blown angry rant, more of a befuddled vexation)  about political correctness, which was just starting to really take hold. He was from Britain, and to him it seemed excessively strict and prudish (and in and of itself that says something). In the course of the semi-rant, he turned to me and said, “If I told you you had beautiful breasts, would you really find that offensive?”

Now, I was 22? And I did, and still do, have it going on the landing, and in person, Carter was an energetic (almost to the point of frenetic), funny, charming force of nature, so I ended up blushing and stammering “Uhm, no” while he continued on with his oration to the group.

It broke up, we went back inside, the rest of the Con was awesome. It was made even more fun by the fact that my friends and I stayed overnight and ended up having a running lightsaber battle through the suite and up and down the halls.

And that was my brush with celebrity, the lasting effect of which was that I could say for years afterward, “Marcus Cole likes my breasts” and be hated by 80% of the femme geeks around me. 😀

(Babylon 5 was one of the finest SciFi shows on TV, blessed with both truly extraordinary writing, both in story structure and dialog, and a fantastic cast. The effects are dated, but the story is stunning. The first series/season started rather rough, but by series/season two it was in full swing, surging ahead with the serialized format written in multiple overlapping arcs. If you get a chance to see it, I *highly* recommend it.)