This Cannot Be – Prince

As a child of the 80’s, still in love with 80’s music, I can’t even conceptualize Prince (Or the Man Formerly Known As)  as in his 50’s. Let alone…

All my Gen X pals are just stunned.

Of course everyone is playing “When Doves Cry” and “Let’s Go Crazy” which has some philosophically appropriate lyrics.

But I will depart from that memorializing/enshrining and share my favorite Prince song.

Because when it comes down to it, the man was utterly unabashed about one thing.

So thank you your Royal Purpleness for helping to define a generation, whether we were outwardly comfortable with it or not.

Inwardly we sure were.

P.S. I will also add that my father really liked Purple Rain, both the film and the soundtrack.




1980’s Alternative, Back When “Alternative” Meant Something (warning: YouTube spam)

This is probably the third post I’ve had about 80’s music. Sorry if I’m boring.

I spent my adolescence in Los Angeles, which meant KROQ alternative rock. KROQ imported the New Wave/Goth/Post-Punk stuff from Britain (via Richard Blade) as well as had Rodeny on the Rock combing the clubs for the latest sounds. Mix with some of the bigger names like U2, The Police, Eurythmics, Bowie and a little Queen, throw in some John Hughes soundtracks, and you got yourself an awesome station!

And I will pay significant sums…o.k. 20$ to anyone who can get me recordings of John Frost’s The New Detective.  (Not the current TV show, the radio play during the Kevin & Bean morning show. So utterly wrong, wrong, WRONG! and so funny.)

I was jonesing for some 80’s today and stumbled across this Top Ten vid.

Pretty good list, though I would move Joy Division up the ladder (because they’re fucking Joy Division, that song defined the 80’s) and used Killing Jar or Cities in Dust for Siouxie and the Banshees. I also question Blondie’s presence, since I tend to associate her with Disco rather than Alternative.

Some others I would include:

Peter Gabriel is one of my all time favorite artists and this and Don’t Give Up are my favorite songs of his.

This is such an 80’s music video:

This is such a fun video:

(Barely, 1990. But if they can include Bela Lugosi is Dead, I can include TMBG)

Now, to most people Oingo Boingo was merely the novelty band who did Dead Man’s Party, but in their home state of Southern California, we got the whole deal.

You have no idea how *headdesk* it is to hear, “Danny Elfman used to be in a band?” But I like to think Boingo helped launch the 1990’s movement of rockers that came out of So Cal, like Sublime, No Doubt and the Peppers.

Now here an oddie: An American group who was big in the U.K. but barely known of in the U.S..

Admit it, you totally danced to that.


This is my personal 80’s anthem:

This song always reminded me of home so much.

on and on and on.

The only thing I didn’t like about 1980’s music scene was how separated the genres were. If you were into Goth, you could not listen to Heavy Metal and vice versa. (I remember getting a few funny looks for that one.) I remember when KROQ listeners did a call in vote to, ironically, get the station to stop playing Bring the Noise by Public Enemy and Anthrax. (The theme of the song apparently went right over their heads.) Not because they did not like the song, but because they were “Not KROQ bands,” ie. they were from the wrong genres.

And I remember Richard Blade’s complete disgust. Eventually, it was played on KROQ again, after the listeners had time to forget the shame of that moment.

In the 1990’s those barriers broke down and musical genres started blending as the fans did producing some awesome stuff, such as the So Cal band named above.

P.S. And yes, I like this one too: